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Candidates for Treatment at IFS

          Your health and treatment success are our primary concerns.  For that reason, we have certain eligibility criteria for fertility treatment. These criteria can significantly impact your chance for a healthy, successful pregnancy. Below are a few of these.

  1. Female ages between 21 and 42 years wishing to use her own eggs.

  2. Female ages less than 48 years planning to use donor eggs.

  3. Body mass index between 18 and 39 kg/m2 (you can calculate your BMI by entering your height in inches and weight in pounds at the following website:

  4. No smoking or vaping for the past 3 months by either the female or male partner.

  5. No illicit or recreational drug use.

  6. No contraindications to pregnancy (meaning pregnancy would be unsafe).

  7. Underlying health conditions, if any, are under control.

  8. Taking medications that are unsafe during pregnancy.

  9. Willingness to be checked for the above criteria.

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