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Preparing for your Inititial Visit

In planning for your initial visit, we recommend that you take a few steps to make your visit as focused and productive as possible.

  1. Request a copy of your medical records from your gynecologist and/or other fertility treatment providers, as well as records of any fertility testing of your husband/partner, in advance of your appointment.  A medical records release form should be completed, signed, and sent to each provider you have previously seen.  This form is included with the new patient forms.  Please allow ample time to have your records sent.  You may want to actually pick up your records and bring them with you.

  2. Download and complete our new patient forms HERE.  Please bring the completed forms with you to your appointment.  Please have your husband/partner complete their form, too.

  3. You may want to jot down a list to bring with you of questions or concerns you may have been pondering to bring with you—just to make sure you don’t forget anything.

  4. Please abstain from intercourse for 2 - 5 days prior to your initial appointment.

  5. Bring your husband/partner with you to your initial visit.  We’ll cover a lot of information that you’ll both want to hear, and we will likely perform a semen analysis.  In fact, he can collect the sample at home and bring it in with him to the appointment.  We just need to receive the sample within four hours of collection.  Our patient liaison will offer that option to you when you schedule your appointment.

  6. Both you and your husband/partner must bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, and your insurance cards.

  7. Arrive for your appointment 20 minutes early to allow time for registration.

  8. We respectfully request that only you and your husband/partner (or other adult support person) come for your visit.  Children are not permitted in the clinical areas of our office.

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